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Silicon Carbide Ceramics
Oct 02, 2017

Silicon carbide ceramic products, one of the high hardness, high  corrosion resistance and high temperature strength characteristics,  which makes the silicon carbide ceramic has been widely used.
In  the application of the seal ring: silicon carbide ceramic chemical  resistance, high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, friction  coefficient is small, and high temperature, which is the ideal material  for the manufacture of sealing ring. It  is matched with the graphite material when the friction coefficient is  smaller than that of alumina ceramics and cemented carbide, and thus can  be used for high PV value, especially in the case of conveying strong  acid and alkali. I  produced the SIC-1 type silicon carbide sintered products at  atmospheric pressure, with high density, high hardness, large production  volume, can produce complex shape products, suitable for  high-performance seals used, especially the high PV value and Resistant to strong acid, alkali conditions. And our company's SIC-3 type silicon carbide ceramic products are graphite-containing silicon carbide material. Since  the silicon carbide matrix contains a large number of dispersed fine  graphite particles, and other materials used in pairs, the coefficient  of friction is very small, with good self-lubricating properties,  especially for the production of gas or dry friction parts of the seal , So that the service life of the seal and the reliability of the work are improved.