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Sic Furnace Heating Element
May 09, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: MSAT

  • Form: Spiral Heating Element

  • Color: Grey

  • Usage: Furnace, Air, Vacuum

  • Working Temperature: 1450c

  • Delivery Time: 7-10days

  • Length: 200-4500mm

  • Transport Package: Wood Box Padded with Foam Board

  • Origin: China

  • Material: Silicon Carbide

  • Shape: Rod, U, W

  • Featurte: High Temperature Resistance

  • Product Name: Sic Furnace Heating Element

  • Size: Customised

  • Package: Wood Box

  • Trademark: Mission

  • Specification: Diameter: 12-54mm

Product Description

SiC Furnace Heating Element Specifications:
1. High working temperature: 1450C.
2. Long time last.
3. Various type available: Rod, U, W.
SiC Furnace Heating Element is our main product.
Mission can supply high quality SiC Furnace Heating Element.

Mission SiC Furnace Heating Element Advantages:
1. High working temperature: 1450C (Surface Temperature)
2. Various shapes: Rod, U, W shapes are available.
3. Large size range: Diameter 12-54mm, Length 200-4500mm.
4. Fast Delivery:  Normal quantity can be ready in 10 days.
5. Very competitive prices.

Mission SiC Furnace Heating Element Standard Sizes :

DiameterHeating zone
Cold zone
Overall lengthRange of resistance
14mm100-500mm150-350mm400-1200mm0.7-5.6 ohms
16mm200-600mm150-350mm500-1600mm0.7-4.4 ohms
18mm200-800mm150-400mm500-1600mm0.7-5.8 ohms
20mm200-800mm200-600mm600-2000mm0.6-6.0 ohms
25mm200-1200mm250-700mm700-2600mm0.4-5.0 ohms
30mm300-2000mm250-800mm800-3600mm0.4-4.0 ohms
35mm400-2000mm250-800mm900-3600mm0.5-3.6 ohms
40mm500-2700mm250-800mm1000-4300mm0.5-3.4 ohms
45mm500-3000mm250-750mm1000-4500mm0.3-3.0 ohms
50mm600-2500mm300-750mm1200-4000mm0.3-2.5 ohms
54mm600-2500mm300-750mm1200-4000mm0.3-3.0 ohms

 Other sized SiC Furnace Heating Element can be made according to your need!
Mission SiC Furnace Heating Element Package:
Wood box padded with foam board
Carton box padded with foam board.
Shipping: By sea, by air, by express.
How to Order Mission SiC Furnace Heating Element:
1.Choose the shape you need, like Rod, U, W etc.
2.Out Diameter (OD)
3.Heating Zone Length (HZ)
4.Overall Length (OL)
5.Resistance you need.
Order Sample: Rod type, OD30mm, HZ300mm, OL800mm, Resistance 0.4ohms.
Mission SiC Furnace Heating Element is widely used in high temperature furnaces, It can be used in air, vacuum and other protection gas environments.
I  believe you will like our SiC Heating Elements.

Customized production is available, for more informations, please do not hesitate to tell me.
Zhengzhou Mission Ceramic Products Co., Ltd
12th Floor, Shenglong Buliding B, High-tech District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Tel: 86-371-56689683
Fax: 86-371-67103091

About Mission Ceramic Company:
Zhengzhou Mission Ceramic Products Co., Ltd. Locates in Zhenzhou City, Henan Province, central part of China. We have been working in advanced ceramic and thermal industry since 2013.
Our products has been exported to more than 40 countries like USA, UK, Russia, France, Australia Korea etc. We win good reputation from customers because of good quality and service.
Our main products as bellow:

1. Alumina ceramic products, including tubes, rods, crucibles, plates, and other part made by your Design.
2. Zirconia Ceramic products, including tubes, crucibles, plates and other parts as you need.
3. Silicon carbide ceramic products, including beams, plates, tubes, crucibles etc.
4. Boron nitride ceramic products, including plates, crucible, and other parts as you need.
5. Alumina ceramic fiber products, including fiber, board, and other parts as you need.
6. Heating elements, including MoSi2 heating element and MoSo2 heating element.
If you are interested in any of our products, please contact with us. We will try our best to provide good products and service!

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