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Scientific And Technological Prospect Of Refractory Castables
Nov 10, 2016

With the  increase in the ratio of unshaped refractories in refractories,  refractory castables will grow rapidly, while the quality of the  varieties will increase accordingly, focusing on the development of low  cement, ultra-low cement and cement-free refractory castables, Combined  with resource conditions to use homogenized and high quality raw  materials and special aggregate to improve the basic composition,  research and promotion of fiber reinforced refractory castables and  gravity refractory castables, the application of various admixtures to  improve the performance of refractory castables, in addition, (Such  as wear-resistant, alkali-resistant, high-strength insulation, high  strength and high thermal conductivity and other characteristics), in  the production and application of technical aspects of the perfect Production equipment and construction supporting equipment.