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History Of Silicon Carbide Development
Jan 11, 2017

Silicon  carbide by the American Acheson in the 1891 fused diamond experiment, in  the laboratory accidentally discovered a carbide, then mistaken for a  mixture of diamonds, so named emery, 1893 Acheson study out The  method of industrial smelting of silicon carbide, that is, we often say  that Aixin furnace, has been used so far, with carbonaceous material  for the furnace core resistance furnace, power heating quartz SIO2 and  carbon mixture to generate silicon carbide.

Several Events on Silicon Carbide
1.In 1905 for the first time found in the meteorite silicon carbide.

2.1907 first silicon carbide crystal light-emitting diode was born.
3.1955  theoretical and technical breakthroughs, LELY proposed the concept of  growth of high-quality carbonation, from SiC as an important electronic  material.
4.The first World Silicon Carbide Conference was held in Boston in 1958 for academic exchange.
5.In the sixties and seventies of 1978, silicon carbide was mainly studied by the former Soviet Union. To 1978 for the first time using "LELY improved technology" grain growth method.
6.1987  ~ so far to CREE research results to establish silicon carbide  production line, suppliers began to provide commercialized silicon  carbide.