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High Alumina Brick- Ha-80, High Working Temperature
Nov 02, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: HA80

  • Feature: Long Time Materials

  • Shape: Brick

  • Trademark: XINDI

  • Specification: HA-80

  • HS Code: 69022000

  • Refractoriness (℃): 1580< Refractoriness< 1770

  • Type: Refractory Material

  • Material: Alumina Block

  • Transport Package: Wooded Pallet, Wrapped with Shrinkage Film

  • Origin: Zibo City, Shandong, China.

Product Description

High alumina refractory brick HA-80

1. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance.
2. Refractory category allow direct contact of fire, suitable ofr various atmosphere
3. Good integrity with furnace lining, long service life, easy operation, could be shaped freely

High Alumina Brick  HA-80

refractoriness under load 0.2mpa(oC)1520
Bulk density(g/cm3)2.45-2.60
Cold cushing strength (mpa)60
Thermal expansion at 1000oC(%)0.3
Reheating shrinking change(%) 1500oCX24h-0.3

Refractory materials classification:
Refractory materials have so many varieties, complex shape and size, production methods are not the same. In order to system research and rational use of its general should be classified as follows:
1. In accordance with the characteristics of refractory molding is divided into:
   1) Refractory products (shaped of refractory materials) to determine the geometry and size
   2) Unshaped refractories produced as aggregates and fines, with no defined shape, mixed with other combinations in application including direct mixing with water or mud
2. In accordance with the refractoriness is divided into
   1) Ordinary refractories: refractoriness of 1580-1770C
   2) Advanced Refractories: Refractoriness of 1771-2000C
3. According to the chemical nature is divided into:
1) Acid refractories
2) Neutral refractories
3) Alkaline refractories
4. According to the manufacturing method is divided into:
1) Unshaped refractory: from the aggregate and fine powder binder at a constant temperature of 600 components
2) Sintered products: Sintering during firing