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Fashion Silver Necklace Jewelry (2015 cpns-002)
Dec 06, 2017

Product Description

fashion silver necklace jewelry (2015 cpns-002)

Bracelet Jewelry
Stainless steel&copper & Shell Pearl
As picture
Order Process
1. Tell us what item and how many you want 2, Make an pro-invoice as your request. 3. Agree on the payment, shipment and so on 4. Do the payment or deposit 5. Shipping the goods 6. After-sale service
OPP Bags and Bubble Wraps, or as customer' s request
Standard export carton
As customers request
Paypal, Western Union, T/T
Delivery  method: by  air; by  DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, Fedex.
Delivery  time: 3-7days;
1. Lowest price-- Have our own shop and factory 2. Exquisite design 3. lower MOQ & mixed orders 4. Prompt delivery 5. Excellent after-sale service 6, Best-seller in USA, European and so on

Our material:
Each product used the high-purity original material, like as 316L stainless steel, 99.9999% tungsten and titanium, ceramic or other copper and alloy material.

Our colors guarantee:
Each product made with high polish chrome and vacuum plating in 24K gold color, 18K gold color, Rose gold or PVD black, 925 Sliver, Platinum, Pure white, Blue color and Pink color for choicing. And all colors keep above 1.5-2 years.

Our elements:
Each product made as fashion style but healthy, adding the magnets (above 2000guass force after finished), high-purity metal germanium ball, negative ion power, far infrared power or tourmaline power.

Why these elements works for our healthy? Seeing...
Magnet Usage:
1. A magnet to treat dizziness, tinnitus, deafness false asthma, chronic ulcerated, palpitation. Magnetic latent Yang qi, relieving convulsion nerves.
2. Can improve the body's endocrine, promote cell metabolism, activate the low quality of cells in the body, accelerate the body eliminate waste, to clean the body cell environment, improve the quality of the body's blood.
3. Promote the blood circulation, reduce blood consistency.
Germanium Usage:
1. Ion permeation effect: Germanium of free electrons (negative ions) through the skin penetration, and to form positive ions of the affected part, moderate ache or pain, to adjust the biological current.
2. Local heating effect: Let the perimeter of the affected part temperature increased, the expansion of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, to good effect on the nervous system.

Negative ion Usage:
1. Is the effect on the nervous system. Can make the cerebral cortex function and mental activity strengthened, spirits, work efficiency increase, can improve sleep quality.
2. Is the effects on the cardiovascular system.
3. Is the impact on the blood system.

Far infrared Usage:
1. The expansion of the lymphatic vessels, accelerate lymph flow, improve immune function;
2. Dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and oxygen supply, fall blood pressure, stroke, preventing another stroke and cleanse the blood;
3. Remove acid, eliminate fatigue, aging supplement energy, save the energy consumption;
4. Invigorate the circulation of blood, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, accelerate wound healing;
5. Promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach.
Tourmaline Usage:
1. Activate cells, inhibit aging and prolong life span;
2. Change of acid constitution;
3. Adjust the metabolism and endocrine balance;
4. Increase the ability to resist the free radicals;
5. Increase the body's detoxification function;
6. Strengthen the function of viscera.
7. Inhibition of harmful pathogenic organisms on the body of the damage;
8. Enhance immunity;
9. Through main and collateral channels, promoting blood circulation.

Our Designs:

Each product made as fashion but simple by designers, it is our ODM, also can OEM, follow your designs or DIY talent if your quantity about our MOQ as 200pcs per color per design. For our stocks, also would make your logo if quantity about 50pcs. Your brand, You do it!

Our package:

Each product packed by PVC film normally, if you are retail way or mail orders, it is better make the package by gift box. We also supply all kinds of gift box like plastic, paper or steel box for your reference in our another type of this platform. If you special instructions for your order such as drop shipping instructions and gift order, pls contact us. We are happy to assistant!

Our payment term:

A) Total Amout > USD1000, 50% deposit in advance, and 50% balance by T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal or Alipay before delivery.
B) Total Amout < USD1000, 100% full payment by T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal or Alipay before order.
Your choicing, Our honored!