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In the industries, the iron and steel industry is the biggest consumer for refractory. The consumption of refractory in China’s iron and steel industry takes up 70% of total refractory production. The quality of refractory, good or poor, directly influence the output, efficiency and product quality of iron and steel production. The development and technical progress of refractory industry relates closely to the iron and steel industry. The development of iron and steel industry gives a subject to the refractory industry, promotes the technical progress and development of refractory industry. If the refractory industry is backward, it will limit to the development of iron and steel industry. For some key products, especially for some functional refractory materials, they are the important condition for the implementation of new technology in iron and steel industry.


Refractory materials for lining metallurgical vessels have always played an important part in crude steel production. Although their function used to be almost exclusively one of protecting the steel casings of the vessels, they must today be regarded as an intrinsic component of metallurgical process.

Modern refractory technology is not based on the properties of the materials alone any more. It has rather grown into a technology including heat engineering, monitoring techniques, furnace design, lining installation and furnace operation. The refractory technology developed with advancements in technological innovations of iron and steel making processes.


What refractory we can provide for steel industry is as following .

Shape Refractory :

1.Silica Brick
2.High Aluminum Brick

3.Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Brick
4.Miroporous Fired Alumina Carbon Brick
5.Composite Brown Corundum Brick
6.Corundum Mullite Brick 

7.Micropore Corundum Brick
8.Carbon compound Bricks 

9. High Thermal Conductivity Mould-pressed Micropore Carbon Brick 

10. Clay Fire Brick

Monolithic Refractory:

1. High Alumina Castable,

2. Corundum-Mullite Mortar,

3. Insulating Castable,

4. Fire Clay Mortar,

5. Magnesia Ramming

Insulation Refractory:

Ceramic Fiber Tap-Out Cone, 2.Ceramic Fiber Rope,3 .Ceramic Fiber Board, 4.Calcium Silicate Board