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Utilization of silicon carbide resources
Nov 09, 2017

In  order to further enhance the use of silicon carbide resources, the  silicon carbide cutting fluid for recycling is also very important. So many manufacturers began to use some methods of low-grade silicon  carbide resources for the separation of high-grade silicon carbide  powder products, one of which is online recovery.
The on-line recovery of silicon carbide is mainly through the  centrifugal separation of silicon carbide waste before the first  solid-liquid separation, and then separated from small particles of  impurities, the final large particles and liquid mixture, the  incorporation of some new sand new liquid, the supply of cutting  production.
The advantages of silicon carbide on-line recycling: the process is  simple, recycling a high degree of automation, low maintenance costs,  the basic does not produce pollution.
Silicon  carbide on the shortcomings of online recycling: silicon carbide waste  in the process, can not be solid in the silicon powder and iron powder  completely removed, large particles of impurities and water can not be  removed, it is difficult to ensure that the quality of silicon cutting, Difficult to analyze the specific causes.
Any  product, any method in the production process will be inadequate, so  this requires more manufacturers to develop research and produce more  high-quality silicon carbide powder products.