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Unshaped refractory precast block
Jul 13, 2017

Unshaped  refractory precast block, made of refractory castable and refractory  plastic and other materials, the classification of castable  prefabricated blocks and plastic prefabricated blocks; with aluminate  cement, water glass, phosphoric acid and aluminum phosphate, clay And  low cement and other binder prefabricated block; according to aggregate  varieties are divided into high-alumina, clay, siliceous and corundum  and other prefabricated blocks.

The  prefabricated block is divided into several types of large, medium and  small prefabricated blocks. The prefabricated block is divided into  large, medium and small prefabricated blocks. Steel  bars and anchors, so it is divided into ordinary prefabricated blocks,  reinforced prefabricated blocks and anchor precast blocks.