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'Three resistant' materials
Apr 06, 2017

The  use of silicon carbide with corrosion resistance, high temperature,  high strength, good thermal conductivity, impact resistance and other  characteristics, silicon carbide can be used for a variety of smelting  lining, high temperature furnace components, silicon carbide board,  liner, support, , Silicon carbide crucible and so on.
On  the other hand can be used for non-ferrous metal smelting industry,  such as high-temperature indirect heating materials, such as vertical  tank distillation furnace, distillation furnace tray, aluminum cell,  copper melting furnace lining, zinc powder furnace arc plate,  thermocouple protection tube ; For the production  of wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other  high-grade silicon carbide ceramic materials; can also make rocket  nozzles, gas turbine blades. In addition, silicon carbide is also an expressway, airplane runway solar water heaters and other one of the ideal materials.