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The advantages of Refractory repairing material and fireproof paint
Jan 26, 2018


The advantages of Refractory repairing material and fireproof paint

Fire-resistant spray coating and refractory repairing material is two kinds of fast repair the furnace lining materials. Advantage is to speed up the construction progress, shortening the time of repairing the furnace and prolong the service life of the kiln and reduce consumption of refractory material and refractory castable manufacturer Flourshing refractories for you in detail introduces the advantages of fireproof paint mixing refractory repairing material.

Fireproof paint spray gun to spray to be sprayed on the surface of the refractory mixture, which is called refractory paint spraying method of construction materials.Coating was conducted using a jet or spray gun, built in the furnace and furnace is a new technology.Fireproof paint by using compressed air in the pipe or mechanical pressure in order to obtain sufficient speed, through the spray nozzle spray to the face, forming strong spray coating.

The spraying method can be divided into wet method, dry method and flame method 3 classes

According to the spray surface accept material state is divided into cold material spraying method and the molten material spraying method two kinds.

(1)     wet spraying is refers to the refractory add water or spray coating on the surface of the liquid binder after injection into the spray.According to the order of adding water or liquid binder and their dosage, and divided into mud method and wet method, four kinds of semi-dry method and false in method.Among them, each mixture of two methods, it is called a hybrid method.Mud method is first to refractory mixture into mud after spraying, it is mainly used for hot gunning furnace lining;Wet method is refractory mixture into pumping sludge after spraying;Half the method is to add a small amount of refractory mixture, stir uniform wetting, conveying to the nozzle after add the remaining water 

(2)    the dry coating is to point to mix good fireproof paint by spray nozzle spray directly to the surface, mainly used in the furnace.

(3)     flame spraying is the mix with oxygen good fireproof paint to the nozzle with combustible gas meet, combustible gas combustion, material in the flame and fused into plastic morphism marching to the spray on the surface.The method is mainly used for hot patching lining, less damage to the original lining. Spray coating sintering, service life is long, but the cost is higher.In addition, the refractory with plasma gun after molten or partially molten mixture into the jet surface and to properly adjust composition in furnace slag splashing onto the lining body (i.e., furnace protection by slag splashing method).

Refractory repairing refers to repair the furnace and thermal equipment used materials.Its construction method is spraying, filling, pressure, pump injection or grouting, etc.Refractory repairing material variety, mainly refractory gunning material, melt shot gunning materials, refractory cast filling materials, refractory into materials, refractory pump injection materials and refractory grouting material, etc.Refractory repairing material excellent performance, easy to use, can improve the service life of the kiln, increase production, reduce cost, economic benefit is remarkable.Therefore, fireproof patching material development is rapid in recent years, its yield is much higher than fireproof paint.

Fire-resistant spray coating and refractory repairing material, which is better

(1)    in the fireproof paint and refractory repairing materials, a lot of material is common, just with different construction method, the appellation is different also.Mud spray coating and fire-resistant grouting material, for example, filling materials such as refractory gunning material and shots, its composition, performance, and other basic same, but different construction methods, appellation and don't.

(2)    the fireproof paint and refractory repairing material composition, is similar with varieties of refractory castable, refractory aggregate is the difference between the critical particle size is small, usually for 3 to 5 mm, refractory powder, superfine powder and binder dosage, generally 35% to 35%.Due to the material composition, so this kind of material of condensation hardening mechanism and the physical and chemical changes under high temperature, also basically the same.

(3)     refractory spray coating is key to the development of the robot technology and refractory mainly adhesion, bondability, intensity and sintering.This is also the material should have the basic features, otherwise will reduce the service life of coating layer and repair.This feature is closely related to material, more important is by the parameters of injection machine and other machinery and construction technology, also by its by spray body condition and the conditions of use of the influence of such factors.These constraints and influence factors, is to choose the fire-resistant spray coating and refractory repairing material basis, is also a key link in the process of spraying or repair good 

Refractory spray coating and the application range of the refractory repairing, mainly and the tapping ditch in blast furnaces, hot air stoves, open hearth furnace, converter and electric furnace, ladle and secondary refining furnace, heating furnace and soaking pit, tube furnace, furnace, boiler, flue and chimney, etc.Whether spraying furnace building, or repatching, has obtained the good effect.