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​Refractory brick
Jan 23, 2017

Refractory brick is called fire brick. A refractory made of refractory clay or other refractory material. Light yellow or brown. Mainly used for smelting furnace, the resistance of 1,580 ℃ -1,770 ℃ high temperature. Also called fire brick. A refractory with a certain shape and size. According  to the method and method can be divided into firing brick, not burning  brick, fused brick (cast brick), fire insulation brick; according to the  shape and size can be divided into standard brick, ordinary brick, Can  be used as building kilns and a variety of thermal equipment,  high-temperature building materials and structural materials, and at  high temperatures can withstand a variety of physical and chemical  changes and mechanical effects. Such as refractory clay brick, high alumina brick, silica brick, magnesia brick and so on.

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