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In the high temperature furnace, the advantages of using castables
Jun 10, 2017

In the high  temperature furnace, the use of castable prefabricated building  furnace, with ordinary refractory masonry can not achieve many  advantages:

1, the furnace repair time is short. Prefabricated  parts can be used according to their own kiln model in advance to  design the size of each location specifications, assembly methods, in  the need for repair furnace, to take a scientific and reasonable  installation, borrow machinery, such as traffic, forklifts, etc., making  furnace time Greatly shortened.

2, oven time is short. Customers  can require prefabricated products in the manufacturer first baked  finished, and the design of a scientific assembly structure, such as  concave and convex inlaid tenon, so sticky with the amount of refractory  mud or clay will be very small, once the furnace is completed, you can  immediately fast Warming up.

3, good insulation, energy conservation. Refractory brick masonry furnace, brick and more, easy to heat leakage. Prefabricated specifications are larger than refractory bricks and have tenon connections, no straight seam, good insulation.