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How to effectively improve rotary kiln axis deviation and the specific operation steps
Jan 29, 2018

How to effectively improve rotary kiln axis deviation and the specific operation steps

Just put into production of new rotary kiln in operation after a period of time, because of each gear wheel concrete foundation sinking, different level tug adjustment is not correct, when installation in the rotary kiln supporting parts of wear degree is not the same, in the support parts in the process of repair and replacement without considering the influence of the old and new parts of the size of the, the hardness of the rotary kiln itself insufficient and operating formal will lead to the center line of the rotary kiln, bending, and destroyed.This will make in the rotary kiln waste a lot of power, loss of seal effect, and produce kiln body fracture, for rotary kiln operation has a direct relationship, therefore, we should find the measuring of the center line of the rotary kiln is the linear recovery must be on a regular basis, only in this way can guarantee the normal operation of rotary kiln.

For rotary kiln axis alignment and measurement has many methods, such as transit survey method, light hair and hanging wire method, etc.Through these different measurement methods, once finding out the center line of the kiln and vertical deviation, can according to this value, through the adjustment of the tug to complete the center line of alignment.Adjustment of the center line of the kiln is divided into vertical and horizontal deviation adjusting deviation adjustment: (1), in a horizontal deviation case, if a block belting leather centerline need 1 mm move horizontally, the equivalent of a tug shall move towards the same level, 1 mm at the same time.(2), in the vertical deviation adjustment case, if the center line of a certain block belting leather kiln increase or reduce 1 mm, the corresponding pair of tug shall at the same time to move inside or outside level 2 mm.

After detailed analysis, the center line of the rotary kiln of horizontal and vertical deviation it is best to use an adjustment, for the operation of rotary kiln is the most beneficial.Specific operation is: before the adjustment, according to each block the center line of the kiln level first deviation value quantity and vertical deviation of moves, each tug level algebra and the value of the amount of mobile, to adjust the level of each tug mobile location.In this way can avoid tug of repeated movement.The one-off adjustments not only fast, and have a very accurate, is a very efficient adjustment method.


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