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Annular rotary tunnel kiln
Jan 29, 2018

                     Annular rotary tunnel kiln

Annular rotary tunnel kiln, referred to as turning kiln, tunnel kiln is improved and upgrade.Its biggest characteristic is adobe still while the kiln body of rotary movement, kiln body along the circular orbit, once upon a time, in turn, divided into the dry period, preheating section, after roasting, cooling, heat preservation paragraphs long, some l20m ~ 160 m.Mobile car bearing points machine and kiln body direction, point blank while setting.Rotation movement of the kiln body in orbit by the speed of 70 m/d ~ l20m/d moved forward, front "eat in" bricks, back-end "spit" finished brick, in turn, drying, preheating, roasting, cooling, the whole process of brick.

  Compared with the traditional common tunnel kiln, rotary tunnel kiln bricks one-time code on the annular kiln bottom, are done by kiln body move brick, kiln body and adobe does not move, so don't need a kiln car and its supporting facilities.Tradition of tunnel kiln section 2.7 ~ 4.5 meters, and the annular rotary tunnel kiln section can be up to 9 meters, one-time eat into the more bricks, increased the production.

  Brick USES coal or other fuels, and how to maximize the thermal efficiency, is the burning kiln technical key points in design.Brick of the sintering temperature between 850 ° C to 1050 ° C, had to raise coal saving furnace heat preservation and heat insulation effect.Rotary tunnel kiln adopts aluminum silicate refractory fiber brick layer, not only can reduce the kiln and kiln body weight, heat bilges cold shrink stress can improve its insulation, furnace temperature holding time is long, large cross-section one-time eat into the more bricks, the quantity of heat of combustion is more effective to improve kiln body temperature, fuel economy.In common tunnel kiln, in order to avoid the high temperature flue gas into the kiln car wheels and bearing burn out, still need to set up car air supply.In the heat supply system, it is necessary to keep the car on the surface of the car air supply pressure balance, neither let under the high temperature flue gas channeling, no car cold wind up lower furnace temperature.Rotary tunnel kiln bricks code directly on the floor, so no need car air supply, direct and full use of the ground temperature.

Stop for coal, in the actual production for 48 hours later, the wind to cast coal, for the wind can still normal roasting, in the operation of the tunnel kiln in ordinary is impossible to achieve.Annular rotary tunnel kiln, adobe from sintering temperature down to room temperature, its send out enough heat to dry the wet tile with volume, can avoid the hot blast stove, also don't have to take the super hot roasting to coal consumption for drying with hot.In the annular rotary heat supply system of tunnel kiln, drying with the wind is from the preheater, after cooling cooling burnt brick, burnt brick in preheater exit down to room temperature, that is to say, heat coming from the burnt brick has all been into the kiln in wind belt to the roasting and dry, for combustion and drying.Annular rotary tunnel kiln of energy saving is a distinguishing feature, and the reasonable process design, layout and simple logistics route also make the whole brickworks energy consumption greatly reduced.

Annular rotary tunnel kiln adopts the mechanized operation and automatic digital control system, temperature display on the display of the control system directly, idiot I fuck do not well-paid see fire the teacher, and fundamentally eliminate the clinker, greatly improve the yield.

Common tunnel kiln will need a lot of manpower, labor intensity big, poor working conditions.In the annular rotary type tunnel kiln and its process layout of brick enterprises, relatively heavy labor is setting, its action is simple and easy, human moving (1 ~ 2 piece/time) on a turn (90 ° ~ l50 °) a pattern.The traditional brickworks outfit, compared to work from the kiln is quite easily, it is neither too hot nor too dirty work environment in particular.

The traditional tunnel kiln in shandong, hubei, shaanxi process and theoretical basis about the same, are not suitable for Chinese colloidal clay, sanli company independent invention of new technology of rotary tunnel kiln can adapt to the coal gangue, shale, fly ash, bottom silt, construction waste, and other raw materials, can produce standard bricks and hollow bricks, porous brick, brick, and other specifications



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