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An electric furnace is similar to a conventional gas forced-air furnace except that it produces heat with electric heating elements instead of gas burners. Circuit breakers that control the heating elements may be either inside or outside the cabinet.

An electric-resistance furnace works like a big hair dryer. As with a gas forced-air furnace, it has a blower that draws air into the cabinet through a cold-air return and then pushes the air through the heat exchanger. There, electric heating elements heat the air, and the blower pushes the warmed air back into rooms through a system of duct work.

Our heating elements is designed for industrial furnace ,such as :

1.Muffle furnace

2.Tube-Type Furnace

3.Box-Type Furnace

4.Atmosphere Furnaces

5.Pit-Type Furnace

6.Elevator Type Furnace

7.Crystal Growth Furnace

8.Melting Furnace

9.Sintering Furnace

10.Annealing Furnaces

11.Car Type Furnace

12.High temperature furnace

13.Annealing Furnaces